Crypto Rich – Crypto Passive Income on the Avalanche Blockchain

The Tavern – MEAD


Red Light Nodes – PLAYMATES


Polar Nodes – POLAR

POLAR-node is a gateway to community-selected DeFi protocols, allowing you to enjoy staking revenue with ease without having to go through bridges and swaps…


Whale Nodes NFT


Zeus Node Finance – ZEUS

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Vapor Nodes VaporFi – VPND

VaporNodes aims to provide everyone the opportunity to participate in Decentralized Finance (DeFi). We took inspiration from industry leaders in the booming DeFi yield space and created our own innovation of the Nodes protocol…




Project X – PXT2

Sustainable, trustworthy and transparent cryptocurrency-based passive income, allowing anyone to build supplementary wealth.

Vision – Sustainable, trustworthy and transparent cryptocurrency-based passive income, allowing anyone to build supplementary wealth…



NostraCity is a gamified competition of Defi families that fight each other by driving up sales of simple NFTs. The winning family takes a windfall of $BOSS tokens. Losing families will win the same amount of tokens that they invested. All families will be able to keep NFTs, and use the $BOSS token to purchase their own DAAS Nodes in the form of yield-bearing NFTs for further seasons. KYC, Doxxed and Audited…

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tofuNFT is a fully featured decentralized marketplace for buying, selling and trading NFTs, created by SCV.Finance, and deployed on multiple blockchains.

tofuNFT is designed to be easy to use, yet highly optimized for efficient trading. It is a successor of SCV’s NFT Marketplace, which started as a side project of SCV.Finance to serve our SCV NFT holders as a place to exchange rare NFTs from blindboxes, and then grew rapidly into one of the top NFT marketplaces on Binance Smart Chain with the highest trading volume.

tofuNFT is a completely rewritten NFT market based on our experience from SCV’s NFT Marketplace. It inherits all the advantages, like fast loading and advanced filters, and at the meantime equipped with many new features and enhancements…

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Trader Joes XYZ

One-stop-shop decentralized trading on Avalanche


Grape Finance

EARN DAILY YIELDS AT GRAPE FINANCE – We’re pegged to MIM helping to reduce your volatility during a market downturn. GRAPE is an algorithmic stable coin designed to maintain a 1:1 peg to MIM…

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Hive Investments

Simply mint or purchase a NFT to enjoy some sweet rewards.

Due to our sustainable operating model, we are confident to promise you a daily supply of honey for as long as DeFi lasts.

On the other hand, our unique NFT model allows you to maintain your initial capital which you can choose to sell at any time on our proprietary marketplace.

Lastly, we have implemented KYC, contract audits, and a robust multisign for both your security and confidence.


Lava Financial


Project Europa


Crypto Nodes