Tennis Testimonials

Rich Benvin – Tennis Professional – USPTR Pro, Former ATP Player & WTA Coach


* “Just wanted to say thanks for the past few months working on my backhand with me. Lately I’ve been consistently using the slice and top spin backhand as a weapon. Much more consistent. When I’m hitting freely the backhand is usually devastating. I notice my opponent reacts very late when I hit the backhand cleanly. I suppose it’s the shoulder turn and the disguise it creates.” – Alex Polajenko

* “Rich is exceptional at creating ways to maintain a fun and competitive training environment by mixing up games and working on new skill sets. Although Rich preaches that repetition is crucial, he also understands that his time is valuable and uses it to teach students unique gameplay such as serve and volley or how to set up deep slice approach shots. Rich’s best attribute is his ability to listen to his students and teach according to what the student’s goals are. His amazing tennis skill set allows him to adapt to every students needs no matter what level of the game they play at.” – Justin Deutsch

* “No words can describe what Rich has done for my game. I have improved massively this past year working with him.” – Kellen Damico

* “I’ve been training with Rich for the past several years. He is not only a great player, but he is a great teacher. In fact, I’ve got my son training with Rich too. Teaching tennis isn’t just about hitting balls to someone. It’s about understanding how to communicate what a player needs to do to hit a better stroke, move better, and position yourself on the court. I’ve trained with lots of pros before, and Rich gets it. He’s a great guy, and I look forward to our next lessons.” – Darren Kastin

* “Rich has really helped me understand the mechanics of a solid serve and groundstrokes. Incorporating this understanding into my game has improved my power, consistency and confidence.” – Derek Jones

* “I have been taking tennis lessons and hitting with several of the instructors at our club over the past 6 years. Although I have been playing tennis for many years it was not until recently when I took my first lesson with Rich that I found a profound difference in his unique ability to actually correct and point out mistakes that I had become part of my overall game which has been holding me back from taking my game to the next level. Finding a tennis teacher that can explain and breakdown the steps so it can be implemented into actual strokes is a rare find. Rich’s ability to ever so slightly change certain aspects of my grip and footwork has lifted my confidence and my game and makes we want to go out and practice even more.” – Michael Wallach

* “Rich Benvin is the epitome of a passionate tennis missionary spreading the gospel of tennis. He not only brings great knowledge, playing experience, but also a great love of the game and of the people who play the game to the court. You can never miss when Rich is on the court with you.” – Greg Patton

* “I trained one week with Rich and before we started playing I had a backhand slice that wasn’t that effective and weak volleys and overheads. Rich gave me great tips on my slice and volleys which made those strokes easier for me to play. My slice went from a high flying defense shot to a shot which I can be very aggressive. My volleys went from a gambling shot which caused a lot of errors to a great aggressive shot which is guaranteed to win me the point. My overhead also became a much more consistent weapon. I finished the week with a much better strokes which I will be able to use in my matches in the future. Rich is the kind of coach that makes learning tennis easy because he always gives easy to understand tips and motivates the player on the court.” – Marvin Oberli

* “Rich must dabble in magic in his spare time, because he’s succeeded where some of the greatest minds in tennis have failed – he’s given me a backhand! He’s knowledgeable, he’s focused, and he gives his students a great workout.” – Trixie”

* “Rich has helped my game dramatically since I’ve trained with him. He has shown me the pace of the game at the next level which has kept my results up through today. He knows the game inside and out and contributes to not only on-court tactics but mental strategies as well. It is a pleasure to work with him until I go off to college.” – Paul Koenke

* “Tennis with Rich has become a highlight of my trips down to Florida. Since starting more regularly with him, my game has seen drastic improvements in multiple facets – namely, in match management and playing cerebrally. His intensity & willingness to really get after it, coupled with his calm & cool demeanor make him an excellent coaching option for all ages, genders and skill levels. I give Rich my highest recommendation for anyone looking to either improve their game, or just looking to have a good time on the tennis courts.” – Brain Deutsch

* “Rich has helped me take on a more positive attitude. All my strokes have improved considerably and I enjoy our practices.” – Jonathon Schpall

* “A consistent training program with Rich provided me with the necessary tools to finally start winning in tournament tennis.” – Bill Trinen

“I’ve taken many lessons as an adult learner. The difference with Rich is that he has several more levels he can teach at because he has played professional tennis. This comes into effect especially with the mental game – after stroke production is competent.” – Brad Schuster

* “You will find Rich intelligent, well-organized, honest, and very good with people. He possesses a strong work ethic and his morals are of the highest standards. Rich works extremely well with all levels of players, from beginners to touring professionals. His tennis knowledge is beyond comparison.” – Seth McKinley

* “I was a true beginner and now because of Rich I’m starting to challenge 4.0 players with consistency. Though I’ve always loved the game I love it even more now. Even my dog’s serve got better!” – Pam Decker

* “Rich gives me a great workout. He’s helped with my strokes as well as with my mental game.” – Dane Mackelprang

* “To improve my tennis I needed a coach that is calm, organized, and understands the game in every little detail – Rich has it all. Rich told me how to volley, improve my serve, backhand and how to be mentally strong (get in the zone). Rich knows more about tennis than most people will ever dream about, and he has the ability to pass it on.” – Jan Jensen

* “Rich listens, identifies an end goal and gets me focused with a road map to achieve it.” – Tim Vander Wall

* “Thanks to Rich I don’t cheat anymore, I lost 5 pounds and I enjoy playing the game again.” – Jessica Blasberg

* “Rich’s instructions and fundamentals are invaluable. His insights and experience really make a difference.” – Marat Goldenberg

* “Rich works wonders, improving both your mental and physical game, making your time on the court worthwhile and enjoyable!” – Erica Weiszmann

* “Thanks, Rich, for your patient, encouraging, and very beneficial help with my tennis skills. Your instruction has made a difference in my game and I appreciate it.” – Judi Prince and Angie Elzi

* “Rich really helped me after the training sessions we had. He gave great tips and helped my forehand and backhand volleys. He really helped me improve my volleys and my serve! Thank you again for the great lessons, in which I enjoyed myself and could improve my tennis game and I hope we can work together in the future.” – Robin Oberli

* “Rich, thank you very much for the lessons a couple of weeks back. In two short lessons you were able to fix the link in my forehand and provide some better foundation for my serve will putting me through a great workout – much appreciate it!” – Joe Halpern

* “Thanks, Rich best drills ever!” – Emily Wolgin

*”Thanks. Great drill!” – Carrie Steuart

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