Addiction Recovery Treatment Program

We believe successful treatment requires attention to the individual, the family, and the patient’s post-treatment landscape. The Voyage model intentionally provides for each of these areas, building a foundation for lifelong remission…


The Voyage model of treatment begins after the patient completes stabilization at detox. Once he is released to us, we spend the first period of treatment focused on the individual…


The second period of treatment maintains momentum with daily groups, individual work and experiential offerings, but widens the lens from self to self-within-the-family…


The final stage of treatment at Voyage honors the importance of relationships and environment as the patient prepares for a life beyond treatment. Continuing care, or aftercare, is a necessary, evidence-based component of treatment…

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Getting clinical care at a treatment center like Voyage is a great way to examine your triggers and develop the coping mechanisms that will help you enjoy a long life of sustained sobriety.

At Voyage, men learn to fall in love with life and to chase natural highs. The brotherhood and friendship men find at Voyage is powerful and life-changing.

5 Tips for Dealing with Triggers and Cravings


Community Immersion

We believe that being part of a community is vital to the recovery of the young men at Voyage. Addiction breeds isolation; young men distance themselves from family and friends as these people interfere with their ability to use.

Family, friendship and fellowship

Our program teaches accountability and healthy interdependence through a practical rebuilding of a community, which we define as family, the men at the house, and the people of Martin and Palm Beach County. We support strong boundaries and healthy communication as necessary elements in the restoration of family…

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