Intent-Based Networking Systems by Apstra – Coal Fires and Self-Operating Networks

Recently I had the opportunity to make a series of videos talking about some of the challenges Network Engineers have in their day to day work…



The Self-Operating Network

Together, the intent-based model and the closed-loop system finally address the multi-decadal dumpster fire that is our passion. Networking no longer has to be “all in our heads” and we finally have an effective and realistic way to deal with, in a positive way, the inevitable variations that occur in our network. Now we can build better networks faster, and provide the level of support we have always dreamed of.

AOS is effectively an always-on addition to your network team. We say “addition” because this isn’t about automating the jobs of network engineers away. This is about helping the whole network team from designers to operators get out of their own way and provide the value that businesses need from them. AOS allows us, the network engineers, to stop spending the majority of our time being firefighters and spreadsheet technicians and more time delivering the tailored and automated network services that our businesses need.

This is the Self-Operating Network. This is our vision and our mission here at Apstra. Find out how you can start leveraging this technology today, and help bring networking into the future!

And don’t forget to watch the videos!